Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NoNo Thank You and You are Welcome

So privileged to work with  Louis Verdad with photos taken by Star Photographer Tony Duran.


Thank You

Liza Pano 6/9/2012
Liza Pano in her Royal Ascot Hat... She was a guest in the Royal Box. My first Royal Ascot Hat in the Royal Box no less! Thank You Lovely Liza.  More Pictures to come...

Lula Washington 5/15/2012

Lula Washington 5/15/2012
Fantastic Ballerina Lula Washington in the "Redid" and "The Mondo"  I know the redid has been in my work since 2006 it's just so darn cute I can't stop making it. I've noticed others Re Doing My Redid.

Toni Basil 6/16/2012

Toni Basil.. Yes 

Steven Lee 4/2012
Steven Lee Costumer for "Dancing With The Stars" he bought "The Mondo" in black with spikes He's cute.
Rena de Beer 4/2012
Digital Artist Rena de Beer 
Najilla and her Grand Daughter 6/2012
Najilla is a Poet and Comedian she's a feather "Did" woman. We see who her grand daughter is taking after!
Jose Sanchez 5/5/2012
Jose had my shop space before I got it. He is a hair stylist YAY! Lucky me!  

This is just a bit of photos I have of my customers, I'll post more so if you aren't here you will be. Thank You All!