Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Project Runway Allstars "TEAM MONDO" is The Millinery Guild!!!!!

My favorite Project Runway Contestant and Uncle to Melba, MONDO GUERRA has a second chance to win "Project Runway" I am conjuring up good Mojo for him to WIN! this time....... 

Go Girl!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Secret is Out! Psyche Out

Psyche Out!...... I've lost my CHIN!!! It makes me wish I would stare at myself in the mirror and pose like a few I know.  They get it,  I don't..... have the time......  Where's the drum kit when I need it?

                                           "Eye on LA" KABC 

Luckily Melba still has a chin....      


Friday, December 9, 2011

Jill Courtemanche Trunk Show November 5th

On Saturday December 17, at The Millinery Guild Boutique in Los Angeles – Jill Courtemanche of Jill Courtemanche Millinery will preview her collection of signature hats, couture cocktail bands, and more. A recent transplant from New York now setting up shop in San Diego, Jill uses her training in old world millinery techniques to hand-stitch every piece with artisanal care and skill. Working with both vintage materials and today's finest fabrics, Jill creates gorgeous modern hats that perfectly balance sassy and classy. 

Because every hat is handmade, quantities are limited. Come out to The Millinery Guild Boutique on Saturday December 17 from 11am to 6pm to experience these extraordinary, exclusive creations before they fly off the shelves. Jill will be there in person to answer questions and take custom orders.

The Millinery Guild Boutique
7767 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact:

Jill Courtemanche
Jill Courtemanche Millinery
PHONE: 917 463 4863

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sunday, November 20, 2011

NBC "The Feast" Thanks to Hannah Snavely and Marco Villalobos

Designer and owner, S.

Los Angeles' newest haberdashery, The Millinery Guild, opened this fall on Beverly, bringing quirky hatter Susan "Montez" Murphy’s avante-garde, handcrafted creations to the Westside.
The light, bright and airy space stocks  Murphy's own vintage-inspired in-house line, Montez, which she crafts using wooden hat blocks circa the '30s and '40s, plus toppers by Cristina de Prada, Su WeHa, Bijou Van Ness and Carpe Diem.
And, while most folks come by the shop looking to replicate the adorned look of a certain sapphire-bedazzled newly-crowned princess, according to Murphy, anything goes when it comes to headwear, just as long as you're not headed to the movies.

Video by Marco Villalobos . 

  I'm Gobsmacked!   


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Here is a really Fabulous online magazine..  This issue " HEADWEAR"  Yes this is what you've been looking for.      Fashion.156.com


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jill Courtemanche Trunk Show November 5th

I will be hosting an exclusive millinery trunk show for
  Jill Coutemanche Millinery.
November 5th
7767 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles CA 
1 213 985 4784

Jills Signature Hats,Cocktail Hats,Bands and Much more will be all available for purchase at 
Fantastic prices. Jill will be there to take custom orders and answer any questions. Stop by and say 
"Hello" to this very talented and versatile milliner.  She is truly a couture Milliner.
Go to her web page to read about her and let us all welcome her to Southern California! 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Daily Candy!

Daily Candy!!

Daily Candy did a Feature on My Shop "The Millinery Guild"!  I knowz!?! Go to the link!

If you don't know what "Daily Candy" is
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Los Angeles | September 7, 2011

The Rad Hatter The Millinery Guild Opens on Beverly
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the millinery guild los angeles!
There are many words to describe Susan Murphy’s hats,
but “dull” is not one of them.
Her new Beverly Boulevard boutique, The Millinery
Guild,specializes in eccentric, over-the-top headwear
(an all-too-raresight outside British aristocracy and
Inside the all-white jewel box space, you’ll find hand
craftedtoppers that range from whimsical (felt fedoras
with bird appliques) to WTF? (a mousetrap headband
with a wedge ofrhinestoned cheese) by established
 labels such asCristina de Prada, Su WeHa, and Carpe Diem.
Then there’s Murphy’s own line, Montez, with
avant-garde creations like a mouth-shaped straw beret dangling a cigarette. She often uses
 wooden hat blocks from the 1930s and 1940s, so even custom orders have a vintage twist.
Want to flex your own millinery muscle? Murphy plans to teach beginners’ workshops at
Hands-On 3rd.
We’re brimming with excitement.
The Millinery Guild, 7767 Beverly Boulevard, between North Ogden Drive and 
North Genesee Avenue, Fairfax District (213-985-4784 or themillineryguild.com),
$65 and up.
Map It
Photo: Courtesy of The Millinery Guild

How YaLike me nao?   

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Shop, The Millinery Guild

Here is my Shop "The Millinery Guild".. It's small,clean and efficient. 
I am proud to announce Cristina de Prada will have her hats at my shop all the way from Barcelona Spain. HAPPY! Along with myself of course S Montez Murphy, I have Bijou Van Ness, Carpe Diem Hats, and Suweha Hats.  I am looking for more milliners that would like to show their work.  Contact me Montez at  themillineryguild@gmail.com  I am opening 9/2/2011 @ 11am and I close at 6:00pm.  All that have been stopping by don't be shy I have some supplies and really neat headsize tape measures made for millinery for sale.  I'll also be scheduling some classes and workshops.  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Transition of The Millinery Guild

"The Millinery Guild" has transitioned into a privately owned business. The "Millinery Guild of Southern California" has its own Blog any comments, inquiries, posts or updates on your events please go to


Thank you all for following and your support.  "The Millinery Guild"  is opening up a retail shop in Los Angeles August 2011. This shop will sell Hats by select Milliners, Accessories and offer custom Millinery and workshops. For Information contact   themillineryguild@gmail.com


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

**July 30 and 31**

See You There?

News Flash.. I passed by a shop window that looks like its going to be a "Hat Shop" more on that later when I find out all the details.. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Classes

Hat Classes  Kay Durden  July 16-17 2011  and  July 23-24 2011  Click on Kay Durden for info..
                    Jane Smith      August 1-3 2011  August 5-7 2011 August 8-10  Fullerton College  see below for details.  Janes classes fill very quickly reserve ASAP !!!  For questions contact Mela Hoyt Heydon 1 714 223 1455 email   MissMela@aol.com

                                                                     Kay Durden

Fullerton College Presents
3 Millinery Workshops with
Jane Smith
Milliner for the films “The Duchess”, “Harry Potter” and “The Other Boleyn Girl” to name a few
Workshop 1- “Henry VIII and his Wives and Daughters”
Using buckram as the base and both traditional millinery hand sewing techniques and modern machine work, you will create at least one Tudor hat (or as they called it “bonnet”) or headpiece” similar to those seen in the movies “Henry VIII”, “Elizabeth”, “The Other Boleyn Girl”, “The Tudors”, etc” and in portraits of the mid to late 16th century. The class includes your supplies for two hats or headdresses covered with silk or velvet and lunch each day. If you wish, you may also bring 1½ yards of an outer fabric of your choice. A basic sewing kit will be needed (shears, pins, tape measure, thimble, tailor’s chalk)
August  1, 2, 3 10:00 AM-5:00 PM $450.00

Workshop 2- “Cheri” and “Titanic”- Edwardian and Teens Wire Frame Ladies Hats
Using millinery wire and lace or sheer fabric, you will create at least one Edwardian/Teens hat similar to hats seen in the movies “Cheri”, “Titanic”, “Howard’s End”, and the classic My Fair Lady”. The class includes your supplies for two hats with wire frames covered with silk organza or lace and lunch each day. If you wish, you may also bring 2 yards of an outer fabric of your choice. A basic sewing kit will be needed (shears, pins, tape measure, thimble, tailor’s chalk)
August 5, 6, 7   10:00 AM-5:00 PM $450.00

Workshop 3- Topsy Turvey-19th Century Straw Braid Hats & Bonnets
Using fine straw braid, you will create two different bonnets/hats from 1870-1900. Both hand sewing and machine techniques will be taught (sewing machines will be available. You are also welcome to bring your own machine.) All of your supplies to complete the 2 hats will be included along with lunch each day. A basic sewing kit will be needed (shears, pins, tape measure, thimble, tailor’s chalk)
August 8, 9, 10 10:00 AM-5:00 PM $450.00
All classes limited to 12 students each. Additional materials will be available for purchase.
Millinery Workshop Registration


Home phone  ______________    Cellphone  __________________


Workshop 1 The Tudors ($450.00) $_______

Workshop 2 Wire Frame    ($450.00) $_______

Workshop 3 Straw Braid     ($450.00) $_______

Totals $_______

Checks made payable to Mela Hoyt-Heydon
Send to Mela Hoyt-Heydon
33887 Whistle Train Road
Brea, CA 92823-1058
I am vegetarian____ I don’t eat chicken____I am Vegan___ I’ll eat anything___
Email Mela for discount info on groups of 3 or more per class!
Postmark Deadline July 9, 2011
Questions? Call Mela at 714 223 1455 or email   missmela@aol.com
Discounts for multiple classes taken by one person-email for info
All classes will be held at Fullerton College,
321 East Chapman, Fullerton, CA 92832  
Costume Shop Room 1129 (upstairs, no elevator access)
Theatre Arts Building (Your parking is included)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

}}}}}}} News Flash {{{{{{

 Two of my most favorite "The Millinery Guild" peeps making News!!
       CRISTINA de Prada!!!!!!!
 Cristina de Prada has made it to ROUND 2 of  The Hat Magazine Milliner of the year competition!! Now folks this is a competition!!!  Here's from a little sumthin' Facebook   Passejada Amb Barret
La Cristina de la que habla Peter y que ha pasado a la siguiente ronda del Hat Designer of the Year 2011 soy yo, la que os escribe sobre la Passejada amb Barret!! :-)

¡Cristina ha pasado a la seguna ronda del Hat Designer of the Year 2011 competit...ion! El boceto de arriba a la derecha es uno de los suyos.

Cristina is door naar de tweede ronde van de Hat Designer of the Year 2011 competition! Sketch rechtsboven er één van Cristina
See More

April 29 at 3:19am · · ·

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    • Passejada Amb Barret Montez, it's all your fault and you know it! :-)
      Saturday at 4:57am ·

    • S Montez Murphy Thank you Cristina but.... It's you and your super left brain and skills. :0). But...If you want me to take the blame I will!!!! ;-). XOXO
      Saturday at 4:49pm · · 1 personLoading...

  •      SCORE!!!  Don't forget to attend Passejada Amb Barret  8th May 2011 She will be there along with Nina Pawolsky Run there, then walk with them!


Me and Mondo



 Mondo Guerra has another chance to sweep Project Runway. Vote Here at My Lifetime and read this interview at Metro Source Los Angeles magazine and I am mentioned.. again!  Yes, I am proud I've showed Mondo, as he puts it, "the Ropes" and mentored him for 13 years.. Yeps my son Max brought him home from school to meet me, result.. A soap opera, a few break ups and reconciliations, mega scream-fests and in sickness and health till death do us part.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bijou Van Ness Bridal Show NYC 2011

Rehn Dudugkian  of "Bijou Van Ness" packed up her Hats and showed them at the Bridal Show in NYC.  Brides Magazine


Bridal Market Dispatch:
New Accessories

Bijou Van Ness

Hat..Bijou Van Ness
Clothing ...Neu Neu

Rehn Dudugkian of "Bijou Van Ness" has been BUSY!  During LA Fashion Week she collaborated with clothing designer  Neu Neu for the F2 Runway Fashion Showat the penthouse of the California Mart.. Fresh Designs!
Hat..Bijou Van Ness
Clothing ...Neu Neu