Monday, October 5, 2009

Blogs and a Magic Hat

While we are still organizing "The Millinery Guild" here are some wonderful Blogs, some are from Milliners, costumers and our favorite... Hat Lovers.

The Rantings of a MadHatter Wannabe Cristina De Prada she is no wannabe folks she's Fabulous!

Church Hats By Lola Fantastic milliner that sews straw braid on millinery machines This lady has been at it for 40 years + I'm a tell you she's the real deal.
Her online shop

La Bricoleuse Amazing costumer Rachel Pollack, her blog is chock full of fabulous. There are "How To's" up the you who, photo's, history you name it it's there. Love!
( this is a favorite)

Many Hatty Returns Fun blog with hat facts, photos everything a Hat lover could want.
She also has a shop called "The Hat Revivalist" Gotta love her, her shop name says it all.

Julie Fleming Tip Top Milliner in Melbourne Australia BEAUTIFUL!! BEAUTIFUL!!


  1. Thank you for the kind words about my blog.

    I hope the Millinery Guild will be a group of fun loving, hard working, knowledge sharing people, and look forward to getting to know all the members once the Guild takes shape.

    Good luck!

  2. Thank You Cristina You're the model of what we hope finds us. Thank you for your wonderful blog. You are now the first Charter member!

  3. Merci for your links and your interest for millinery ....Great work Pace & Respect P"Urban

  4. P"Urban La bienvenue svp nous joignent!

  5. HI there, I enjoyed this post. I have 2 suggestions, I have a millinery blog which I would like to recommend to you also there is a facebook page that milliners may be interested in Best wishes, Serena