Tuesday, May 3, 2011

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 Two of my most favorite "The Millinery Guild" peeps making News!!
       CRISTINA de Prada!!!!!!!
 Cristina de Prada has made it to ROUND 2 of  The Hat Magazine Milliner of the year competition!! Now folks this is a competition!!!  Here's from a little sumthin' Facebook   Passejada Amb Barret
La Cristina de la que habla Peter y que ha pasado a la siguiente ronda del Hat Designer of the Year 2011 soy yo, la que os escribe sobre la Passejada amb Barret!! :-)

¡Cristina ha pasado a la seguna ronda del Hat Designer of the Year 2011 competit...ion! El boceto de arriba a la derecha es uno de los suyos.

Cristina is door naar de tweede ronde van de Hat Designer of the Year 2011 competition! Sketch rechtsboven er één van Cristina
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    • Passejada Amb Barret Montez, it's all your fault and you know it! :-)
      Saturday at 4:57am ·

    • S Montez Murphy Thank you Cristina but.... It's you and your super left brain and skills. :0). But...If you want me to take the blame I will!!!! ;-). XOXO
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  •      SCORE!!!  Don't forget to attend Passejada Amb Barret  8th May 2011 She will be there along with Nina Pawolsky Run there, then walk with them!


Me and Mondo



 Mondo Guerra has another chance to sweep Project Runway. Vote Here at My Lifetime and read this interview at Metro Source Los Angeles magazine and I am mentioned.. again!  Yes, I am proud I've showed Mondo, as he puts it, "the Ropes" and mentored him for 13 years.. Yeps my son Max brought him home from school to meet me, result.. A soap opera, a few break ups and reconciliations, mega scream-fests and in sickness and health till death do us part.

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