Friday, March 4, 2011

Classes!! Kay Durden is Coming To Los Angeles

Kay Durden

For those interested in beginning hat making and blocking, these are workshops you will not want to miss. The exact locations will be announced later however, you may register for various cities by going to the registration page on Kays Site Here Once the locations have been established, I will notify you. At that time you will have two weeks to submit your registration fees through PayPal; a secure website. All workshops are $350.00, and limited to ten students each location. Some supplies are included in the fees. 
Blocks Students Will Use

Workshops # 3 California:
Los Angeles area, Two days
 Saturday and Sunday
 April 3-4, 2011
 Rescheduled to July 16-17, 2011 

Workshop # 4  California : 
Los Angeles area, Two days
Saturday and Sunday
April 9-10, 2011
Rescheduled to July 23-24, 2011

The last class in this series is Hat blocking, also known as “Men Make Hats Too”. During this workshop, participants will learn proper techniques for blocking, wiring and completing felt or straw hat bodies. They will also have the opportunity to learn leather and other material blocking. During this workshop students will block no less than one felt and one straw hat of their choice. Some outside classroom work may be required depending on each student’s pace. 
Men are encouraged to attend this workshop. However, anyone wishing to learn felt, straw, leather or other material blocking is welcome. To all those men who like hats and thought hat making was for women only, THINK AGAIN!!!!! The fact is even though many of today’s hatters are women; men originally dominated the hat making industry. Their livelihood depended on their millinery skills, which consisted of hard work and physical strength.

I look forward to sharing my Art of Millinery with you. If you have questions or comments e-mail me at or call me at 318 792-5757.

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