Friday, March 25, 2011

Carol Cirillo Stanley Fine Art Photography

 If you have attended any of the Guilds events or seen any of the photographs of the Guilds Fashion Shows then you have seen "Carol Cirillo Stanley Fine Art Photography" at work and her work.  See more amazing art photos of hers in an incredible setting at " The Fine Arts Building"  DTLA

         Show Opening!!!!!     Thursday, April 14th 2011      6 - 9 PM         
                                         The Fine Arts Building   
                                         811 W. 7th Street              
                                         Los Angeles, CA.

The opening show of “The Collections” hosted by Mark & Brian’s Fine Arts Building, takes place during the LA Artwalk     The ambiance and lure of department store windows serves as the perfect backdrop for the avant-garde collections.  A chic and sophisticated body of work each piece has its own hip identity.  Lala is the muse for each collection!  You are invited to join in a celebration of photography, design, and whimsy!                Show dates:            April 11 - May 7, 2011            Directions:     Questions:  949-633-8961


  1. I will be there on opening night! Love that building it's so beautiful.